Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 21: Mile 380 (10.5)

Location: Sycamore Campground

First off, I'm guessing on the mileage. The day started off slow and
it was great. I hung around wrightwood and purposely delayed my
actions. Even after I was all packed, I went up and sat at the coffee
house for
Two hours and just enjoyed the fresh air. When I finally headed out
of town, I got a ride rather quickly. After 5 short miles on the PCT,
I started what will become a 50 mile detour. In order to avoid the
snow covered mt Baden and the station fire, I headed down the high
desert national recreation trail for about 5 miles. I then headed
about a mile down big rock creek rd and stopped early at the sycamore
campground. Tomorrow we have a full day of road walking to avoid the
station fire. My goal is to try to make agua Dulce in 2 or three
days, right where the trail reopens. Should be an interesting few days.

Picture of my tarp(background) and mango's tent

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