Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 14: Mile 274.1 (27.9)

Location: big bear city

Well, I had no intention of going into big bear today. I started the
day with 19 miles to hit highway 18. I was going to hike to about
there, and then hike the 8 miles to van dusen rd tomorrow. I got to
highway 18 at 1 pm and just decided to keep going. At 4:00 pm i was
at van dusen so I walked into town. Never on the AT did I cover 27
miles by 4pm. Anyway...I'm staying at a little hiker motel with
ishmael. It's a perfect little spot. Tomorrow is a zero!!! Not
hiking. Going to enjoy town, get my mail, and go to the outfitter.

Breakfast tomorrow at the famous Thelmas.

The next 100 + miles of the pct head west towards LA.

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Aaron Nolan said...

Since you're in SoCal, if you've never done so , I recommend two things:
1) Fish tacos at Rubio's (a great high-quality fast-food chain)
2) A "Double-Double Animal Style" at In-N-Out Burger. This is not on the printed menu, but is part of the secret menu and the person taking your order will know what you're talking about. Think of it as a much higher quality BIg Mac.
There are no two foods I would rather eat after hiking 25 miles through southern Cal.
BTW: Go Irish! Beat USC!