Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day 20: Mile 369.5 (4.9)

Location: Wrightwood, CA

Made it into lovely Wrightwood CA this morning after an easy 5 mile
hike and 10 mile hitchhike. Everything is done and now I'm just
kicking back on a small room at the "Pines". There are a lot of
hikers here, but there is sort of a grey cloud hovering over
everyone. Once we leave wrightwood we have two very major issues to
deal with. First off is Mt Baden Powell. It is nasty, snowy, and the
trail goes up the north face. Yuck. Second, there is a 50 mile
section of trail closed right after that from the 2009 station fire.
What's worse, is that the pcta has no marked reroute as of yet, so
it's a sort of "choose your own adventure"...but will undoubtedly
involve lots of roadwalking. Some are cosidering a sort-of unofficial
reroute published by some other hikers that involves bypassing both mt
Baden AND the fire closure, some want to try Mt Baden and then start a
reroute. No matter what though, getting caught trying to hike the pct
through the closure results in a 5000 fine. I will probably do the
full reroute all the way to agua dulce and then stop at the Saufleys
(trail angels). So...long story short, the next few days will
probably be a bit miserable, but I am going to try to enjoy them.

But for now, I believe a big burger is calling me ;-)

Picture is of "the pines"

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