Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day 37: Mile 652 (20.6)

Location: Lake Isabella

Was up and hiking today by 5:15 am. I figured with the holiday
weekend, it would be best to try and get a ride to town early. Of all
my planned town stops, this one will probably be the farthest from the
actual trail. The hitch was 35 miles. I was worried I wouldn't get a
ride, but there is a bus that runs from the next town over reducing
the hitch to 17 miles. As luck would have it though, a former pct
hiker, Anna, picked me up and drove me all 35 miles. I'm in town now
enjoying the holiday weekend in the last motel room in town. I
already booked it for tomorrow too. Nice town for a zero. After
here, it's only 50 miles to Kennedy meadows...the doorway to the
Sierra. I'm nervous about the snow after seeing it from agar today,
but will push on regardless. Should make for some good stories.

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