Monday, May 10, 2010

Day 18: Mile 342.1 (25.1)

Location: Cajon Pass

Made it to cajon pass today after a long but somewhat quick 25. I
hiked with straightjacket, wanderer, and Dave. I hadn't planned on
staying here at the pass but the hotel offers hikers rooms for
50...and split four ways we couldn't refuse. So, I went to the famous
macdonalds off the trail, and took a nice shower. Will be relaxing
tonight and in two days will be in wrightwood. Tomorrow, there is a
15 mile trail reroute from the 2009 sheep fire. I have a reroute map,
but I plan on taking it slow. It's only 27 miles so I should have an
easy two days. I am now half waybto Kennedy meadows, the doorway to
the sierras, and everyone is talking about the snow.


Carri Westbrook said...

Yummy - that McFlurry looks really good.

Anonymous said...

you should hit an In and Out Burger while you are out there, it blow mcdonalds away.