Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 11: Mile 203 (24.4)

Location: Flat spot on descent from San Jacinto

Today was quite an epic day. Our group of four split and only Ishmael
and I left idyllwild. We decided the snow was too difficult on San
jacinto, so we walked the official pcta road detour 8 miles up highway
248, and 8 miles up black mtn rd. Afterword we joined the pct after
fuller ridge and hiked almost all the way down to the valley floor.
Our trail miles totaled 24.4, but we actually hiked over 27. Long
day. Looking forward to a good sleep. The backside of jacinto was
beautiful with all the snow. San gregornio looks pretty bad up ahead
too. Guess we'll see.

Tomorrow we might hitch into cabazon for some burger king.

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UltraChris said...

Burger King probably never sounded so good! Keep up the strong work, John. I love your reports; I am vicariously getting my hiking fix through you! On, on, man; one foot in front of the other. Stay safe and warm.