Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 39: Lake Iz Redux

Location: Lake Isabella
Zero Day #5

Ok, so I've decided to so something unprecedented in all of my hiking adventures....take back to back zeros. My thought is this: first I'd like to hit the PO (closed today-holiday). Second, I'd like to take the bus out of town rather than try to hitch 35 miles from the highway on-ramp. Finally, once I leave, I will not be in another real town for over 300 trail miles. I will still arrive in Kennedy meadows
on June 3rd, which is very early. The temps are HOT, which means everyday melts several feet of snowpack. truly is about doing nothing. I finished my meds, and am back to my old self. Then, it's 3 days to km leaving bright and early tomorrow.

On a side note: thanks to all of our veterans serving and who have
served. I know I have several late family members who served as well
as a friend in Iraq now. So thank you for what you've done and what
you do. To all current servicemen/women...come home safely.

Pic is of local diner: Koffee shop

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