Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day 27: Illin' at the Andersons

Location: Casa de Luna
Zero Day #2

2nd zero day on the trail and I am not doing so hot. I'm cautiously  optimistic that my ailment is a simple intestinal bug and not a  parasite (ie giardia). Last night was awful. I was back and forth  between my tent and the bathroom several times, but I'm hoping I've  gotten it all through me now. Today I feel sort of meh. Not terribly  awful, but not ready to hike. I remember on the AT when i started
hiking after I thought I was better, it only made me sicker. This  time I am taking it easy. A good excuse to slow down for the Sierra anyway.

The andersons are incredibly kind and generous people. Their place is
a perfect spot to chillax. The big herd of hikers has caught up and
are all one day back at the saufleys...over 45 peeps last night.

If I do go out tomorrow, it will be a short day, probably only to Lake
Hughes. (8 or so).

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Unknown said...

you might want to go to a clinic and see if they will give you a script for flagyl. That is the treatment for giardia. I had a doctor write me a script and I had it filled and just took the pills with me on the AT. That way if you do get it in the middle of BFE, you have the treatment with you. Just a thought. ;O)