Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 12: Mile 226.5 (23.5)

Location: West Fork of Mission Creek

Rough day today. The day started really well as Ishmael and I
descended to highway 10. Right near the highway a guy named Scott
offered to givevus a ride to cabazon (4.5 miles away). We took him up
and headed in. It was a very bizarre experience. There were giant
dinosaurs outside the diner that had gift shops inside. Here's the
kicker though. They were run by fundamentalist Christians who were
basically trying to tell us that dinosaurs never actually existed.
Like ibsaid....weird. The breakfast was great though. Once hitching
a ride back, we began hiking in extreme heat. Anything chocolate in
my bag was completely melted and I was miserable. Getting to camp
tonight was a struggle. Tomorrow we have a 5000 ft climb up into the
San gorgonio range, before decending into big bear city probably Friday.

Thankfully tomorrow is supposed to be cooler.


Martha said...

As Ishmael's mom, I was so excited to find your blog. Glad you're both safe. Tell Ishmael that I mailed extra glasses and food treats to Big Bear City general delivery. -mom of Ishmael

Aaron Nolan said...

Hey dude,
I'm enjoying the blog. Good work.
Is that the dinosaur from Pee Wee's Big Adventure?
Just thought I'd let you know that you set yourself back 100 miles on your Mile Count this last day. You're at mile 226.5:)
Enjoy the trek!