Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day 33: Seam Sealin' in Mojave

Location: Mojave, CA...punk!
Zero Day #3

Well I'm hanging out here in Mojave, a town that is finally living up
to its reputation. Today is HOT. Glad to be in an air conditioned
room. The zero day is nice. I'm not miserably sick this time, and
have already done my "chores". I made it up to the hardware store,
bought some mineral spirits, and with my silicone sealer sealed my new
tent. It's kind of funny to see a tent set up on the motel 6
lawn. :-). I'm waiting for the staff to say something. Until then,
it's going to dry in the sun.

At 9 am this morning, I had a conference call with the folks that
coordinate WAIS Divide Antarctica deployment, and my date has
officially been set: Nov 16th is when I will leave for my third and
last year of ice core work at WAIS. We should complete drilling this
season. It's weird to think about living on an ice sheet while
sitting in mojave.

Tomorrow I will head out for the trail again, but not until mid-day.
I've got one other thing to take care of in the morning.

On a side note, once I leave here tomorrow, I'll officially be
entering "central California". That's right, southern Cali section is

Still having a blast. Hike on....

Oh, one other thing. Got my degree in the mail. Penn state was crazy
enough to give me a masters degree!?I know, what is this world coming

Happy 1 year anniversary Carri and Dion.

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