Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 30: Mile 518.4 (13.1)

Location: Hikertown

Woke up this morning at a relatively low elevation of about 4500 ft,
on may 22nd, within a few miles of the mojave desert, and it was
snowing and in the 20s. WTF?! It was a cold brisk walk down to
highway 138 where I was aiming to hit the famous "hikertown". This
hostel is hard to explain but bob and Richard are both fantastic.
There are a slew of small "trailers" that you can rent for ten bucks.
I opted for a nice little place on the end of town row. The town is
set up like an old movie set facade. Kinda weird.

Tomorrow is historically one of the worst days on the pct. Because of
the enormous tajon ranch, the pct is routed right across the hot open,
merciless mojave along the la aquaduct. Tajon ranch won't grant the
pct an easement to route the trail through the tehachapu mtns (along
the actual crest). Because of this crazy weather, tomorrow is
actually supposed to be cool and windy for my desert hike. I'd be
lying if I said that I wasn't a little interested in the unique aspect
of tomorrow. Real curious to walk along the aquaduct. Depending on
how it goes, I will either be in mojave Monday or early Tuesday. Lots
to do in mojave, will probably zero again. For anyone interested,
here is why I'm not in any hurry right now:

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