Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 28: Mile 486.3 (7.7)

Location: The Rock Inn - Lake Hughes

Ok. So first let's talk about the intestinal issues. Waking up this
morning I definitely felt better. While still not right, my "offness"
was more of a fatigue than a sick feeling. To me this said i was on
the mend and that my ailment was in fact an intestinal virus and not a
parasite. I decided to try an easy 8 mile day to test myself out.
Joe Anderson told me if I got to lake Hughes and still felt awful,
that he'd come pick me up and take me to the clinic. I got to the
road and hitched in still feeling good. While I wanted to keep
hiking, I forced myself to stop. Instead I will kicking it at the
Rock Inn for Karaoke Night. Nothing in this town but it's nice to
have made a little progress. Going to shoot for 15+ tomorrow.

Couple of cool milestones today. I hit 485 miles today, and that
means I've hiked a colorado trail on the pct. Also with 485 down,
this means there are about 2175 miles to Canada...or in other words,
an Appalachian trail. After all this hiking and almost a month on the
trail, there is still a full AT of miles to get to Canada. Crazy.

So glad to be feeling better.

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