Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day 23: 444.2 (44.2)

Location: An awful and obnoxious KOA campground

Ok so first off, I did not hike 44 miles today. I simply ended the
day of roadwalking right where the trail reopens at mile 444.2.
Obviously the road walk cut about 20 miles off of my distance. The
good news is that the roadwalking is over AND I was able to spend a
few hours in acton enjoying a beer with mango and some locals. The
bad news, is that we are staying at a Koa campground because the idea
of a shower for only a 5 dollar tent site fee was just too tempting.
Let me put this on record, Koa is awful. The tents here are larger
than some apartments and for non pct hikers the rates for a tentsite
are over 30 bucks. 30 BUCKS for a piece of dirt!? This place is
overcrowded with city folks out for a weekend of "being in nature".
The staff here has to ride around in golf's crazy. I'm
very tempted to forgo the shower and hike up the trail a mile and camp
for free. Anyhoo....rants over. At least all these people aren't
sitting on couches watching tv.

Tomorrow, I will hike into agua Dulce and hang with the saufleys for a
day or two. After 450 miles i will also be adding a tent to my pack
in preparation for the sierra. The poncho/tarp has been great up to

Mohave desert is looming.

Pic is from the 49er bar in acton. I avoided hiking during the hot
early afternoon by taking my siesta in a cool dark bar. Yay.

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