Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 34: Mile 574.3 (16)

Location: sheltered spot after climb from highway

Well, I can add the joy of giardia to my list of new experiences that
I've had while hiking. Turns out it was giardia, and after a week of
symptoms, I worked my way into a small clinic outside of mojave. With
a twirl of the pen, the lpn wrote me a script for a wonderful drug
that is, as we speak, ridding my body of nasty little protozoans. Did
a nice 16 today out of town and walked by hundreds of wind turbines.
The pic looks like a windows wallpaper. Found a great camping spot
after the 2000 ft climb up from the highway. After crossing the
highway, I also officially said goodbye to southern Cali, and welcomed

Looking forward to feeling like my ok self again.

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phil o. said...

great pic, i saw thousands of those turbines outside of palm springs earlier this year, good luck with the giardia luckily that one is not on my list. may the sun shine on your face and the wind blow at your back as you continue your journey north.