Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day 24: Mile 454.2 (10) - Graduation Day

Location: The Saufley's in Agua Dulce

The Penn State Lion I am in Agua Dulce at the Saufleys place.  The Saufleys are a trail angel couple that lets hikers stay here in their back yard.   Everyone is here.  Ishmael, Mango, Hot Mess, Toothfairy, Chuck Norris, Furniture, Rally, The Israeli Gears, ...and a few others.  It's packed.  We took some mountain bikes up to the market, bought a few 6 packs and are celebrating my graduation today.  That's right, today was my Penn State Commencement.  As of now, I officially hold a Masters Degree in Geosciences from PSU.  Kind of weird to be celebrating that fact from the middle of nowhere California with a bunch of strangers....but somehow strangely apropos.  


I got to hike past the Vasquez Rocks this morning.  These rocks are a common filming location for Hollywood flicks.  In particular, the episode of the original star trek where kirk fights the lizard guy was filmed there.   I took some photos of me holding a large rock over my total kirk-style.

My goal for the next 2+ weeks is to purposely slow down and pad zero days.  This mentality is completely against my nature, but is necessary if I want to avoid impassable snow in the sierras.  I must add some zeroes and low milage days, otherwise I will be sitting at Kennedy Meadows waiting to enter the snow mtns.  My plan is to zero here, and at the Andersons (another trail angel family 24 miles up the trail).

The Mojave is looming, but the desert sections are almost done.  I'm looking forward to some different scenery.


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