Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 32: Mile 558.3 (16.9)

Location: Mojave, CA

Made it into Mojave today. Got a ride from the first car I stuck my
thumb out for. Love that.

Staying for a couple days to let my body recover a bit. Last couple
of days have been tough.

Starting to seriously think about my Sierra options. I really want to
go north, but the snow reports are really bad. If I decide to flip,
it will be to Oregon to go south, and then back to Oregon to go north
if I'm still in the game. I am going to go into lake Isabella to kill
some time, and may even jump out to lone pine as well, so that will
give me a few more days of snow melt. It's kind of weird for me to
have so many stops and zeros, but it's necessary. The herd will
undoubtedly catch up, but I really like it here in mojave. I am
tucked away up at the motel 6 by myself and it's nice to rest.

Filled out my wall map today, and the line is starting to look

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