Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 41: Mile 702.2 (29)

Location: Kennedy Meadows!

Well I did it. I powered out almost 29 miles so that I could make it
to Kennedy meadows before the store closed....and I did! It was
great! I had a great dinner, picked up all 7 of my packages (yes
that's right, I had seven...don't ask). Took a shower, talked with
the guy across the street and scored a small trailer with a bed.
Definitely good karma today. The 28 miles were tough though. Lot of
very hot open stretches. Going to take tomorrow to set up all of my
new gear, prep my bear cannister, and set up my Sierra strategy.
There are about 15 peeps here all wanting company for the snowy 200
miles. Looks like I'll have some good company. The trailer here has
Internet too, so I can post a few last updates before going off the

Some milestones:
25% of trail done.
Finished "southern California"
Passed 700 miles

1 comment:

Jeremiah said...

Hey Lakewood!

congrats on doing 25% of the trail so far! glad to hear you will have company through the upcoming snow packed mountains! Cant wait to hear about the Sierra's! Hike on!