Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 51: Mile 796.7 (7.2)

Location: arrowhead lake

Good day today, but I felt run down. Always happens after town
stops. We got back to the trailhead by 8:45 and hiked the 7+ miles up
and over kearsarge pass again and finally hit the pct by 11. We
hiked up and over glen pass at lunchtime, the first 12k peak of four.
For the next three days we will be doing three more 12 k passes.
Then, the "high Sierra" will be done. There was a lot of snow today,
but it was all manageable. The weather has changed a lot. A system
came through and it's much colder. It actually snowed a little on us
today. Tonight will be cold. The rivers have become less swollen,
which is good.

6 days until reds meadow and mammoth.

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