Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 56: Mile 900.8 (23.6)

Location: Deer Creek

900 miles! Also, today we hit 1/3 of the trail done! Big
milestones. Another long and epic day of Sierra hiking. We started
the day with a 3000 ft climb up to the last pass before reds meadow:
silver pass. It was a long and snowy climb. The northern Sierra has
definitely had more snow than the southern sections. There is
consistent snow all the way down to 8000. Tomorrow we are all hitting
reds meadow and finally getting a shower and good food. Some of us
are going into mammoth too. I'm undecided. We will be hitting
tuolumne in two days! The sierra is almost done.

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Aaron Nolan said...

Let me know if you meet any elite marathoners. Mammoth Lakes is where Ryan Hall and Meb Keflezghi live and train. Give 'em a shout if you seen them running by. Sounds like the PCT is more treacherous that the AT, but sounds like you are past the most difficult stuff. Good stuff!