Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day 42: Kickin' It in Kennedy Meadows

Location: Kennedy Meadows
Zero Day #6

Today is all about staging. I spent the early hours today sorting my
food box and arranging my bear cannister. Let me just
say....dammit!! The cannister itself weighs 2 lbs, and I'm carrying
11 days of food to get me through most of the Sierra. Years ago when
I bought my golite jam 2, I also bought a pinnacle, which is a larger
version of the same pack. I had it shipped here and I'm glad I did.
The cannister fits in it sideways, so I'm excited....and the pack has
load lifters too. Even still, my pack is going to be ridiculously
heavy. I'm not alone though. Add in extra clothing, an ice axe, and
my pack is almost a joke.

Got new shoes, but my old shoes are still really good, so I'm torn
about ditching them. I might mail them ahead and reuse them later.

Otherwise all is pretty good. It's been very hot and it's not
changing. Lots of melting snow, lots of raging river fords, and lots
of Mosquitos. Can't wait.

This will likely be my last post for a while. Wish me luck.


Aaron Nolan said...

The people who invented the bear cannister probably should have made it opaque, just in case the bear can read and is hungry for Snickers;) Good luck and be safe, my friend.

Boris T said...

Good luck man, damn any place you need a bear canister you'd also need a ice axe for defense.