Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 48: Mile 789.5 (1.5)

Location: Bishop, CA

Hiked the 8 mile bullfrog lake side trail, got a ride down the 13 mile rd, and hitched the 41 miles to bishop. Tonight I'll sleep in a soft bed, andI've resupplied at the outfitter. I bought new poles, a good set of maps, and some other odds and ends. I feel a lot better today. It feels good to forget about the snow for a few days.

I looked up the latest snow reports and it turns out that the 10 day heat wave actually brought the snowpack down to average levels now. The problem is that too much melted too fast...causing the the crazy fords and flooding. Next week is actually supposed to be cooler which is in a sense better. I'm gonna deal with snow regardless , I'd
rather not deal with swollen rivers too. I've lost a lot of confidence
on fording. Going to go grocery shopping tomorrow and get food for the
next 7-8 days. I should arrive in mammoth right as the roads open for
the season.

Zero tomorrow AND Friday. Everyone is very beat up and bruised from
the post holing. We all need it.


Boris T said...

Good luck on getting some rest.

Jeremiah said...

Glad to hear that your a little more optimistic today! Enjoy your 2 days off. Will continue to pray for ya! Stay safe bro!