Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day 66: Mile 1094.5 (23.3)

Location: South Lake Tahoe

I'm here. In south lake tahoe. Finally.
Today was the ultimate slap in the face. After a killer day
yesterday, Kerry and I started the day on a roll. We hiked up and
around the elephants back, and got to Carson pass by 10 am. We
thoughtbwe were home free. But then, with less than 6 miles to go, we
got lost in the forest. Snow was everywhere and there was no trail.
For hours we wandered trying to identify topo features to take
bearings off of. Finally, after simply heading "north-east" for three
hours, we caught a glimpse of the trail. From there we made our
eventually to a known creek crossing amd finally came out of snow at
almost 6 pm. We were exhausted and losing our minds. I desperately
need the snow to be over....desperately. Might do a half day
tomorrow. Not sure.

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