Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 52: Mile 814 (17.3)

Location: near river ford

Another successful day. The snow cooperated and we were able to not
only knock out pinchot pass, but we are setup for Mather pass first
thing on the morning. By this time tomorrow, we'll be set up for muir
pass, the last 12k pass on the trail. After that, we never top 11k
again. I'm getting excited at the prospect of the snowy sections
starting to come to an end. Moving slower than I want, but I'm being
safe. I had four tough river fords today, and I confidently crossed
each one. I love having lots of good food to eat too. Things are
really going much better. Camping with crowdog and Kerry tonight
(whose trailname is now beaker).

Tomorrow should be an easier day.

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