Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day 65: Mile 1071.2 (28.5)

Location: Flat spot past The Nipple

First off...yes , the mountain really is called the nipple. (not the
pic). Today Kerry and I walked with the intention of another 25 so
that we have a shot at tahoe tomorrow. After a bit of snow this
morning, we walked over half of the day on trail! This hasn't
happened since before the Sierra. The snow really is almost over.
Because of this, we pounded out a 28 miler and have a nice 22 into
tahoe...should be doable. Cowboy camping tonight at 8900 feet, should
be fun. Thought about the Western States 100 today, hope everyone did
well. I cant wait to get back into my Brooks cascadias again. These
montrail AT Plus shoes are Terrible!

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