Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 46: Mile 771.5 (5.2)

Location: Ford of Wright Creek

Today really can't be described in words. I woke up at 4 am and
headed up the 4000 ft climb up to the top of the highest peak in the
lower 48: mt Whitney. I summited around 9 am with crowdog. There
were fields of snow everywhere but it was all still solid early in the
day making it easy tobwalk across. The were a lot of very sketchy and
scary sections that required me using an ice axe. I was glad I had
one. Some honest mountaineering sections. When I reached the top I
stopped, looked around at my 360 degree view and it literally brought
me to tears. There are some places in this world that when you work
to get there and then stop to look around, you know it's just a
magical place. I stayed up there for an hour, soaked it up, waited
for everyone else to summit, took a ton of pics and vids, and then
headed down. I wanted to get down before the snow got soft and id be
dealing with intense postholing. I made it back to camp at about 1:30
after a lot of fun ass sliding down snow fields (glisading), and
relaxed for an hour. Eventually, everyone left and hiked 5 miles to
wright creek. We wanted to go 3 miles further to tyandall creek, but
the wright creek was raging too insanely to ford at 5:30 pm. We are
all waiting to cross in the morning when the flow is less. All the
snow is making for some crazy river fords. Tomorrow is another big
day. We summit forester pass...the highest point on the PCT. It's at
13,200. (Whitney doesn't count, as it's not on the pct)

Side note: We are all now on the John Muir Trail too, and will be for
200 miles.

Best day on the pct so far, and it wasn't even reall on it. Tomorrow
forester will be epic, and I plan on glisading down the back
side...woo hoo.

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Jeremiah said...

Very Cool! I cant wait to check out some of the video that you shot up there! Gald to see you back to a place where you can post your adventures! Stay safe!

God bless,