Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 61: Mile 988 (21)

Location: Ford of Falls Creek

Another long and exhausting day dealing with snow. When will it ever
end? We are all starting to get irritable and easily annoyed. The
snow is really getting to us. Today was a rough day. We dealt with
the snow, and had several extreme river fords. Kerrick creek was the
worst one yet. To make matters worse, we are ending the day at falls
creek because the water is so high, that we'd have to swim across.
Hell no. Going to go upstream in the morning and try to find a safe
crossing. (the pic is falls creek)

Tomorrow we have the last big pass ( high ridge near sonora pass) of
the entire trail. The last time we'll be over 9500. It will
undoubtedly be a long a grueling day, starting with a ford that will
probably end with a lot of wet gear.

I really can't wait for the snow to be over. Tomorrow we hit 1000
miles, and my two month anniversary...and 300 miles of continuous
snow. Today we had snow all the way down to 7400 feet. Ugh.

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