Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 44: Mile 750.2 (21.8)

Location: Chicken Spring Lake
Sierra day 2

Well I'm tucked away near a beautiful alpine lake that's sitting in a
cirque. Breathtaking scenery at 11,200 feet. The bad news is that
the snow today was brutal. Lots of route finding, and losing the
trail. Even up here at the lake the trail is nowhere to be found.
I'm glad I have my gps for the tough spots and I was glad to have some
hiking buddies. I hiked with moleman, crowdog, guthook, motor, joker,
and Carrie. Good group. 21 miles today took all day, and we really
didn't hit bad snow until mile 14 or so. The Sierra is going to be
slow, but worth it. Tomorrow I'm shooting to hit crabtree meadows,
the staging spot for the Whitney hike. Then Monday, will be dedicated
to making the 16 mile round trip up and back. Should be intense. The
pack is getting lighter, but still super heavy.

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