Friday, June 11, 2010

Day 50: Bishop Take Two

Location: Bishop

Today was a really good day in Bishop. It started with a very lucky
last minute appointment at a local dentist. About two weeks ago a
piece of one of my fillings came out and I was worried about hiking
with a hole in my tooth. I was squeezed in here at a local office and
the dentist was probably the nicest and overall best dentist I've ever
seen. He fixed me up and got my filling squared away all for 60
bucks. Fantastic. Then, I went shopping and got all my food for the
next 120 miles. I feel good today. Things are looking up. I have
what I need, I'm around good people, and the snow had 3 more days to

Going to watch th "A team" tonight and sit by the pool for a while.

Tomorrow we arranged a shuttle to get us back ton he trailhead by 9
am. We will go up and over glen pass, and set ourselves up for
Pinchot pass the following day....then Mather pass, then Muir pass.
Then, it's all downhill ;-)

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