Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 63: Mile 1018.3 (14.7)

Location: Bridgeport (Sonora Pass)

Great day! Hiked through snow in the morning up to a ridgeline over
10,800 feet. Then, we got to hike for over 5 miles on rocky exposed
ridge. It was some of the best trail yet. I soaked it up. For the
first time in weeks, I was truly happy hiking again. It reminded me a
lot of the Kepler track in new Zealand. We got to Sonora pass at noon
and hitched down to leavitt campground. While trying to hitch the
rest of the way, a super cool couple let us take their truck down to
Bridgeport. That's right, they gave us their truck. We just have to
bring it back tomorrow on our way up! Craziest trail magic yet.
Alteady stocked up in town and we are headed out tomorrow to climb
over 10,000 for the very last time of the trip. On a side note, I
mailed home my bear cannister and ice axe today...making my pack three
pounds lighter!

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Anonymous said...

Are you able to post your tentative schedule on this blog? I would love to see if our paths cross in Oregon...
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