Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 55: Mile 877.2 (22.8)

Location: Mono Creek

Another epic day in the Sierra. We started the day with a 3000 foot
climb up to seldon pass. While we did hit snow, being a lower pass
helped a lot. After celebrating on the pass with a hearty lunch, we
headed down to face the dreaded "bear creek ford". Even with my
success at evolution creek, I was worried about this one. The guide
books were quick to note the ferocity of this ford during high snow
years. When we got to it, it was worse than evolution. I went slow,
carefully placing each foot. I couldn't use my poles, because the
current was too strong. About half way across crowdog partially fell
in, but recovered. The current was vicious. After I made it past
half way, I knew I had it nailed. I scurried the rest of the way only
getting wet up to my belly button. Just behind us were Ishmael and
sam. It was good to see those guys again. I haven't hiked with them
since mike 450. We made it down to mono creek (the turn off for VVR)
and are camping there. We are hoping to hit reds meadow the day after

Tomorrow will be long and start with another 3000 foot climb up to
silver pass. Slowly but surely the Sierra section is coming to an
end. We have 4 more river fords tomorrow though, so it should be

Loving the challenge....glad I didn't flip flop.

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