Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 59: Yosemite Valley

Location: Tuolumne

Took a zero today hanging out in Yosemite Valley. I had no plan on
going in, but because of tuolumne being closed I needed my po box.
The postmaster opened the yosemite branch and let us get our
boxes...score! Staying at the cabin has been great. Heidi really
hooked us up. Down in the valley today it was beautiful. Yosemite
falls was glowing crazy, half dome was majestic, and the geology,
stunning. The bad part was that there were thousands of
tourists...too many to deal with. It really stressed me out and I
couldn't wait to get back up to tuolumne. I found an official park
ranger hat in the cabin and wore it all day. I scored discounts at
the cafe and was asked several times where I worked in the
park....pretty fun. Tomorrow, it's back to my hiker hat. Aiming for
lake tahoe in about 6 days and to be out of the snow by then too!

Glad I got to see yosemite, always wanted too. Will definitely be
back to climb half dome at some point.

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