Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 57: Mile 914.6 (13.8)

Location: Agnew meadow campground

What a great day. We all got up early and made our way to reds meadow
with the hopes of big breakfast. We had heard that the store and
restaurant were opening today. Our hopes were shattered when we
arrived and everything was closed. Turns our that the road was
damaged from water and only certain vehicles were allowed up. Luckily
though the store was partially stocked and the owner let us buy a few
things. Half of our group headed into mammoth for a much deserved
zero day. Crowdog, Kerry, and I decided to push for tuolumne. An
Antarctic friend of mine, Heidi, has a cabin in tuolumne that she is
letting us use (stocked with food too), so we are hoping to bust out a
27 mile day over Donahue pass tomorrow and get there by dinner. We
will have to hitch into the yosemite valley though because the
tuolumne po is not open yet (due to snow). There is quite a bit of
snow in the northern Sierra...lots even at 7500 feet. Makes
navigating through trees tough. Tomorrow marks the last time we'll go
over 11000 feet. Staying at an actual campground tonight. It's
closed, but has outhouses! Bonus!

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