Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 54: Mile 854.4 (21.4)

Location: Piute Creek

Woo hoo!!! Today was a day full of milestones. First, the three of
us (crowdog, Kerry, I) summited muir pass, the last of the 12k
passes. The "high Sierra" is in a sense done. We still have 3 more
11k passes before tuolumne, but 1000 feet makes a big difference. The
second big milestone today was passing mile 850! California is now
half way done! It's hard to believe if I turned around now, I'd be
back at campo in the same number of miles as Oregon. Lastly, we
successfully forded evolution creek. It was about waist high, 50 feet
wide, and flowing strong. We all took it slow and had no issues.
Camping tonight at piute creek and shooting to tackle seldon pass
(11k) tomorrow. only 2 and a half days to reds meadow and a shower.

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