Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day 64: Mile 1042.7 (24.4)

Location: Wolf creek pass

Good bye 10,000!!!. We started the day in Bridgeport at the local
diner. After hearty breakfasts, and multiple cups of the finest java,
we took our "borrowed" truck back up to the leavitt campground. Once
there, we yogi'd a ride to Sonora pass from someone camping. First
off, we climbed the 2ish miles up around Sonora mtn, marking the end
of 10,000 feet. This makes 9,300 the highest elevation remaining.
Today also marked a split in the group. Crowdog wants to make tahoe
early Sunday so that he can get right back out. After 25 miles, Kerry
and I set up camp, and crow pushed on for 5 more miles. Kerry is
getting off the trail for a few days in tahoe anyway and isn't in a
huge rush. I didn't want to go five more (being that it was already 8
pm), and so Kerry and i will be teaming up for the last 50 into
tahoe. Just a few more days of snow...that's what i keep telling
myself. Sierra city is my mental gauge as to when the snow will end
at the latest. (mile 1190 ish)

I pine for the days of long, easy, boring trail. I can't wait for dry

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