Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day 38: Loungin' in Lake Isabella

Location: Lake Izz
Zero Day #4

Taking care of the usual logistics today. Clothes, food, HEET fuel,
etc. This is a decent little town. Really trying to suck the marrow
out of this zero. I'm actually considering staying one more day if
only to be around Tuesday morning for the PO and the local bus
service. It's finally getting hot, which means loads of melting snow
and as the guidebooks say "rabid Mosquitos". Forecast is for lotsa
hot sunny days. Too bad it's a week too late. Caught back up to
mango, but he's heading back out today. My attitude is that with 50
miles to the Sierra, what's the rush.

Side note: Neldas diner...incredible shakes and good people. Hikers
make note of this. Double sided milkshake menu of various flavors.


Boris T said...

Rabid Mosquitoes? Ouch...

Tom Brucia said...

Just to let you know I'm following your trip daily... thanks for all the YouTube videos, too!